Supporting charities and volunteer groups a key focus

Towcester mayor (2011/2012) Martin Johns
Towcester mayor (2011/2012) Martin Johns

A key role for town mayor is representing Towcester at civic and community events.

While many of these are within the town itself, invites come from far and wide.Already my diary is filling up with invitations - this summer is going to be busy.

I have chosen Cynthia Spencer Hospice and Towcester Youth Groups as my charities. With friends and family I’m putting together a calendar of events to raise money.

I will be trying to put on events that both entertain as well as encourage people to part with their hard earned cash. Fundraising started in earnest with Midsummer Music last week. I’m very grateful to volunteers from the Rotary Club of Towcester, the Lions Club and Towcester Centurians who organised the event on behalf of the town.

I also plan to do my best to support as many voluntary groups as I can over the coming months. Towcester has many active groups whose volunteers enrich the quality of life for local people. Such groups are often providing social and welfare services that supplement public sector services. I want to wave the flag for all these groups.

Ever since I moved to Towcester, 30 years ago, the town has undergone change. Over the next few years the town is once again due to grow significantly.

I will be working with my fellow town councillors to ensure Towcester gets the best out of the new development. After a faltering start, because of the housing slump, the expansion of Towcester is due to take off again. An update on progress with the bypass and other related matters is anticipated before the end of the summer. While many of us regret the size of the proposed expansion, we must now work with others to get the best deal for the town. What Towcester doesn’t need is to be split into two parts with the ‘old town’ separate from new development. I would urge you to obtain a copy of the Masterplan for Towcester and consider its observations.

Councillor Martin Johns, Mayor of Towcester