Surge in Aylesbury Vale’s population

Aylesbury Vale's population has risen
Aylesbury Vale's population has risen

Aylesbury Vale had one of the biggest population rises in the country in the year to June 2013, new figures reveal.

The Vale’s population increased by 3,278 people to 181,071 (a rise of 1.8%), making it the tenth fastest growing district out of 326 local authorities.

Bucks’ overall population increased 0.9% to 516,096, with the Vale responsible for three-quarters of the rise.

Internal migration made the largest contribution to this rise in Bucks, adding 2,216 to the population, ahead of natural change (2,106) and international migration (313).

There were 6,009 births and only 3,903 deaths, while 23,977 people moved into Bucks from other parts of the country, only 21,761 moved out and 2,825 moved to the county from outside the UK, with 2,512 leaving Bucks to live abroad.