‘Surgery’ for wonky woollies and catastrophic crochet

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Bring your failed or ailing knitting or crochet projects along for some expert advice at Buckingham’s Harvest Fair on Sunday.

Town council worker Katharine McElligott will be running a ‘surgery’ for knitting and crochet.

Mrs McElligott said: “It’s for people puzzled by patterns, wondering why their jumper didn’t turn out like the picture, or just plain flummoxed by the whole business. I am quite happy for folk to turn up with a garment they abandoned because it went wonky, for diagnosis of the problem. Time permitting, I can also help someone who just wants to learn, or teach a left-handed person.”

Mrs McElligott will have babies’ and toddlers’ clothes to exchange for donations to the Mayor’s charities.

The Harvest Fair is from 11am and 3pm. Bring spare allotment produce to barter, or bring your own apples to be juiced in the press.

Visit http://buckinghamtransition.co.uk/harvest-fair.htm