Surprise success for local Ref’s reflections

Jeff Jacklin
Jeff Jacklin

A book of humorous anecdotes by a former Winslow referee has proved a surprise success, hitting the number 10 spot in Amazon’s top 100 football books after just one week on the bookshelves.

Bastard In Black! – A Local Parks Referee’s Tales Of Life On The Edge, by Jeff Jacklin, is a collection of engaging stories drawn from the author’s 40 years in amateur football.

Although Mr Jacklin now lives in Huddersfield, many of the stories in the book are from the seven years he spent living in Winslow, when he worked as IT director at Stoke Mandeville and Milton Keynes hospitals.

Between 2001 and 2008, Mr Jacklin was also an active member of the Aylesbury Referees Association.

The tone is mainly light-hearted but occasionally dips into serious mode to reflect on what makes someone put their neck on the line every weekend, and what the individuals get out of the role.

IT directorMr Jacklin, who at 66 has now hung up his referee’s boots, said: “I hope it makes a few more people learn a bit about refereeing.

“If you are a football fan then you will appreciate the sentiments and experiences of the local parks referee.

“If you are an amateur footballer, this will confirm everything you always suspected about these nutters who turn up every week to get slated by arrogant, unfit, and ignorant local footballers who are bereft of all soccer skills.”

The book is available only on Amazon in Kindle format priced at £1.86.