Survey reveals Cherwell has most worker injury in Oxon

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LATEST figures released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show north Oxfordshire recorded almost twice as many serious injuries to workers as some central, southern and western parts of the county last year.

One death and 315 major injuries were reported across Oxfordshire in 2010-11, with 89 of the major injuries in Cherwell district.

The city of Oxford recorded 84 major injuries.

South Oxfordshire had the lowest level of serious injury to workers, with 43 incidents recorded in 2010-11.

The Vale of the White Horse recorded 44 major injuries, and West Oxfordshire reported 55 major injuries.

A total of 171 people were killed at work in Great Britain last year, compared to 147 deaths in 2009-10. More than 24,700 workers suffered a major injury last year.

HSE spokesman Mike Walters said: “These statistics highlight why we need good health and safety in British workplaces. Employers should spend their time tackling the real dangers that workers face rather than worrying about trivial risks or pointless paperwork.”