Swimming pool rescue of horse by firefighters

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Buckingham firefighters had an unusual call on Saturday night, when they were asked to rescue a horse from a swimming pool in Towcester Road, Lillingstone Dayrell.

Buckingham crew manager Kieron Thomas said the horse had been ‘spooked’ by a dog and had fled across the grounds and tried to run across the covered pool. When his crew arrived, it was standing in the shallow end.

Firefighters had to remove a section of leylandii hedge and fence to gain access.

With the help of a vet from Towcester equine centre and the animal rescue team from Wellingborough, the horse was sedated and brought to the side of the pool where a specialist technique was used to roll it onto the side of the pool. The horse was then slid to an adjacent field, where it came round.

Mr Thomas said:“It’s one of those feelgood, nice, happy ending stories.”