Switched off lights reviewed

MCBW - 17-06-11 - Street Lights - close up
MCBW - 17-06-11 - Street Lights - close up

TOWCESTER: Changes have been made to the street lights switched off as part of Northants County Council £2 million cost saving scheme.

Last month people in south Northants responded angrily to the programme which saw many residential street plunged into darkness. But a three and a half hour review carried out by Towcester county councillor Rosemary Bromwich saw a number of changes carried out at her request.

Mrs Bromwich was responding to numerous complaints from town residents and met with a NCC highways official last Friday after touring the town at 10pm to check the lights.

She said: “I earmarked which lamp posts should go back on and they have agreed with almost 95 per cent of my recommendations.”

Changes include Northampton Road, Caernarvon Close, Jenkinson Road, Leeson Court and the footpath beside Sponne School leading to the Belle Baulk Estate.

Mrs Bromwich said complaints received since the meeting will be also reviewed.