Talking point: How would you spend lottery jackpot?

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We asked people in Brackley: ‘How would you spend a EuroMillions jackpot of £138 million?’

Solomon Bostock, from Brackley: “I’d buy a castle in the Himalayas and give the rest to charity. I don’t think anyone deserves to own £138 million. Every moral fibre of my being says that.”

Sylvia Tuckey, from Brackley: “I’d buy some houses and treat the family. It’s almost too much money. They should break it down a bit. If you get three numbers you should get a bigger amount.”

Glynn Bounden, from Turweston: “First of all I’d make sure our immediate family are taken care of. You’d have to sit down and think about it. It would be greedy to own all that when there’s so many people starving.”

Mandy Major, from Brackley: “I’d go back and live in Australia where I spend six years, and I’d take my mum and dad with me. Mission Beach in Far North Queensland – paradise.”

Thomas Mackay, from Brackley: “I can’t imagine spending that much in a lifetime. I’d probably give a lot away. I’d buy a car and insurance. And I’d buy tons of musical instruments and form a band.”

Emma Westcott, from Brackley: “I’d buy everybody I know houses and I’d invest in my mum’s business. I’d put some by to take the children to Disneyland Florida when they’re old enough to enjoy it properly.”