Teacher of technology says goodbye after 42-year career

Tony Curtis is 'played out' by Dave Peaple on the bagpipes.'131219M-D290
Tony Curtis is 'played out' by Dave Peaple on the bagpipes.'131219M-D290
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An ICT teacher at the Buckingham School retired last Friday after a 42-year teaching career.

Tony Curtis moved to the area in the early 1970s from Halifax, in Yorkshire, to begin teaching at Magdalen College School in Brackley and, after three years, started his career at the Buckingham School.

Throughout his 39 years at the Buckingham School, he has witnessed many changes.

Mr Curtis said: “I remember having to take children across London Road to the Franciscan building for science lessons before it was adopted by the University of Buckingham.

“I’m very lucky, really. Every day was different in my teaching career. In teaching you never know what to expect and I think that’s why I enjoyed my time at the Buckingham School so much.”

Mr Curtis believes teaching is a very rewarding career and added: “The children really are the best part of the job. Reaching is so rewarding. I have been very lucky!

“I must admit, I couldn’t have lasted so long without the staff.

“Their good humour has kept me going for 39 years and I will certainly miss that.

“Take my last day, for example. Dave Peaple played me out with bagpipes. It was quite bizarre.”

The 64-year-old lives in Northants with his wife, Pam. They have two grown-up children.

Mr Curtis said: “My wife has been a fantastic support to me throughout my career. Much of my success is down to her.”

He will continue to support the staff at the Buckingham School by teaching maths and English classes for two hours a week. He also plans to relax and reflect on a career that he says was “stressful but worth every second”.