Thames Valley Police cut officer jobs to help save £45million

Louth news.
Louth news.

A total of 147 police officer posts will go as part of a £45million cost-cutting mission by Thames Valley Police.

Chief Constable Sara Thornton has admitted the force cuts over the next three years will be “challenging”, but remains confident it will not impact on front-line services.

The changes will see 53 police officers converted into support staff roles over the next 12 months. There will also be a redesign of initial training given to new officers, which will save the force £2.8million - the equivalent of 94 posts.

Ms Thornton said: “There is no doubt that the financial position of the Force over the next three years remains challenging.

“However, we remain committed to identifying innovative ways to reduce costs without impacting on our front-line services.

“We recognise that this will become more difficult as we move forwards and having a robust medium term financial plan, which is flexible, is essential in our relentless drive to reduce the cost of policing whilst maintaining service and performance levels.”

Thames Valley Police have already identified £24 million of savings and work is now ongoing to find the remaining £21 million.