That’s not rubbish! Now you can recycle books, CDs and more

Recycling bins
Recycling bins

Environment chiefs are trialling new textile and media banks in a bid to get people recycling 60% of the district’s waste by 2020.

The new initiative from Aylesbury Vale District Council means that residents will get the chance to recycle items they would normally have thrown away including books, clothes and CDs.

From Monday, June 9, people will be able to bag up old clothes and other textiles and put them in new textile recycling banks, which will be installed in selected car parks and some community centres for an initial period of a year.

Alongside the new textile banks, new ‘media’ banks for the collection of unwanted books, CDs, CD-ROMS and DVDs will also be trialled.

More than 30% of unwanted clothing currently goes to landfill and 41% of people say they are not aware of recycling facilities for textiles, so the council hopes introducing the banks will help prevent more textiles from possible contamination in recycling bins or going to landfill.

Most textiles are accepted as long as they are clean and dry; this includes clothes, curtains and nets, sheets and pillow cases, tablecloths and towels. Belts, handbags, shoes and boots will also be recycled for reuse by others.

The council also stressed that the textile banks are not intended to replace the genuine charity collections that many people use to donate to shops or jumble sales.

Clothes and bed linen that aren’t suitable to be passed onto someone else can be taken to the new textile banks, as they can still be recycled into new items, such as padding for chairs and car seats.

Cabinet member for environment and health Cllr Sir Beville Stanier said: “As a district, we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and reducing landfill.

“Recycling rates in Aylesbury Vale are already at an impressive 50% and these banks will help us to add to the good work that residents have been doing.

“We are also looking for other places in the many villages across the district to site banks as well.”

In Aylesbury, the banks will be located in the Bedgrove, Southcourt and the Multi Cultural Community Centre car parks, Coopers Yard and Exchange Street car parks, Aqua Vale and The Gateway offices.

They will also be found in the Cornwalls Meadow and Swan Pool car parks in Buckingham and the Greyhound Lane car park in Winslow.

To find out more information about the recycling scheme, please visit the website here.