The blazer returns to Brackley school

MCS,Brackley pupils with their new school blazers.'110907M-A279
MCS,Brackley pupils with their new school blazers.'110907M-A279

STUDENTS in Brackley have given their new uniform a seven out of 10 as the school blazer makes a popular come back.

On Tuesday the new intake at Magdalen College School became the first year group to have to a compulsory blazer with their new uniforms. Students in other years are given the option to wear the new trousers, jumper, tie and blazer.

Ellie Thewlis of year 10 said: “I do prefer the blazer, but it is expensive and it’s annoying to carry around when you’re not wearing it.”

Other students agreed it did look smart but the pockets were too small and year eight’s Eloise Hall said her parents had to spend £300 for two uniforms.

Kevin Philips of year 11 added: “I don’t mind the blazer, but it would be better if everyone had the option, some people don’t want to spend £40 on something they don’t want to wear.”

The new uniform is part of a wider improvement of the school’s image which has seen the exterior of the school cleaned and the school moto, Motivation Commitment Success, added to a new sign above the school entrance.

Headteacher Ian Colling said: “We want our students to be really proud of their school and wearing a smart uniform is one way of showing this.

Blake Stimpson, former Southfield school headmaster said: “A degree of formality will make them look smarter, they‘re always very well behaved already, a credit to the school and town.”