The demise of an oak tree is a call for action

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A SONG about a tree cut down to make way for a high speed rail link has been the most frequently down loaded track from the online HMV store.

The Oak Tree lament is a rousing folk song which is a call for action against the £32bn high speed rail line the Government wishes to build through the Advertiser and Review region. In one verse High Wycombe based band Dirty Mavis sing: “In English hills runs a line that kills, leaves my country scarred and raw. If you love my leaves then shade them please, prepare yourself for war.”

This week two versions of the song reached the number one and two slots on the HMW Download Chart. That put the protest song above the official UK chart’s number two and Xfactor winners Little Mix.

Its success comes at the time the Government was due to give the scheme its final go ahead. Earlier this month Transport Secretary Justine Greening announced a delay to any further news until January 2012.

The song is also available on itunes and Alan Smith, a Brackley businessman opposed to HS2 has the top comment reviewing the song.

Mr Alan said he was surprised at how much he enjoyed the song and added: ”I would urge people to buy it and keep reminding the Government that they will be wasting our money and our environment.”

Brackley HS2 campaigner Diane Berridge said: “It really gets the message across, it really is powerful, a lovely beat, a lovely tune, fantastic words and very passionate. It bought me up in goose bumps.”