The Duke's music shop to cease trading after 23 years

The Duke's music shop is set to close
The Duke's music shop is set to close

The music shop has been trading since 1994.

The Duke’s music store is to close after 23 years of trading in Buckingham.

Manager Rob Greenway said: “I took over from Ruth and Graham Holiday three years ago - We set up the website which has been a huge success, but we simply were’nt getting enough customers through the doors.

"Unfortunately we live in an age where It’s so hard to compete with online businesses. We’re a small shop with overheads - and we just cannot compete with these large companies who can buy in bulk at a 20-30% discount.

"We genuinely struggled to get even a 5% discount off the keyboards that we buy, it’s a nightmare! Our target market has always been people beginnning to learn an instrument, up to an intermediate level. When you can go into tesco and buy a guitar for £30, it’s almost impossible to compete. I’m really sad things have come to an end. We’ve been struggling really since the end of last year.

"Thanks to all of our loyal customers for their service.”

The shop will continue to operate online - you can visit them