The Iron Lady and the law lord

Margaret Thatcher.
Margaret Thatcher.

The ‘Iron Lady’ features in a free public lecture on Tuesday, July 16.

In a talk entitled Margaret Thatcher, Lord Denning, And The Rule Of Law, Prof Simon Lee looks back at what the former prime minister and the former high court judge understood by ‘the rule of law’, in order to gain a deeper understanding of law and politics in our era.

Were their views, and others’ views of them, shaped by their backgrounds as outsiders to the establishment?

In particular, Prof Lee considers Margaret Thatcher’s declaration that ‘there is no such thing as society’ as well as Lord Denning’s dismissal of the possibility of police malpractice in the Birmingham Six case. What does the wider record tell us about their views on society and the rule of law?

The lecture is at 6.30pm in the University of Buckingham’s Chandos Road Building.