The plague returns to Stony Stratford

King Henry VIII visit Re-enactment in Stony Stratford
King Henry VIII visit Re-enactment in Stony Stratford

KING Henry VIII returned to Stony Stratford on Saturday after nearly 500 years.

Villagers of Grafton Regis donned medieval costume to re-enact the King’s failed attempt to visit his Grafton royal palace in 1528.

The show was a promotion event for their annual History Fayre.

King Henry travelled regularly through Stony Stratford on his way from London to his royal palace in Grafton Regis.

An outbreak of bubonic plague (more commonly known as the Black Death) in 1528 prevented Henry from visiting the palace that year.

Organiser and Grafton Regis resident Kathy Harry said: “Throughout his reign Henry VIII was a regular visitor to his palace at Grafton Regis.

“He brought a number of his wives, including Anne Boleyn.

“This area has a very rich history, due largely to the importance of the ancient thoroughfare of which Stony Stratford is part.”

Grafton Regis will be hosting a two-day History Fayre on Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31 from 11am to 4pm.

The Fayre will include two re-enacted battles each day, organised by Viking war band, Utlagi Svartulfr – Outlaw Companions of the Black Wolves – and by the British Plate Armour Society.

It will have a full programme of entertainment including historical traders’ stalls, have-a-go archery and other history-related events.

Entrance for adults will be £5, for children under 12 will be £3, while kids under five will get free entry.

Car parking will also be free.