They want memories of major floods in the town

Flooding in Nelson Street, Buckingham, in 2007
Flooding in Nelson Street, Buckingham, in 2007

BUCKINGHAM Town Council is asking for people’s memories of when they remember the town flooding.

In November, the town council asked for the River Great Ouse to be dredged to reduce the risk of future flooding. But Buckingham County Council (BCC) replied that the river was “at or above its target condition” when inspected last summer.

Town councillor Derrick Isham told the town council last week it was imperative dredging was done.

He said: “When I was a boy, you could walk to the edge of the water in Ford Street and fish for sticklebacks. Now you can’t get near it for mud.”

BCC says there have been four significant floods in Buckingham – in March 1947, December 1979, April 1998 and July 2007.

Town council staff would like anyone who recalls dates of other major floods to call them on 01280 816426.