Thieves steal £2,000 worth of equipment and personal records from Maids Moreton scout group

Scout survival camp 2017
Scout survival camp 2017

Thieves have broken into the storage container of Maids Moreton Scout Group and stolen approximately £2,000 worth of essential equipment.

Scout leaders had visited the facility in Akeley on Tuesday to begin preparations for a survival camp meeting due to take place in three weeks time when they made the discovery.

Akeley storage container, minus its lawnmower and petrol generators after the break-in

Akeley storage container, minus its lawnmower and petrol generators after the break-in

Group Scout leader Vincent McDonagh said:

“Most of the equipment was intended for use at the camp and now we don’t have any,” adding, “it’s taken years to get this portfolio of equipment.”

The most expensive item stolen was a sit-on lawnmower which is vital to maintaining a field they use. Other expensive items stolen include two petrol generators.

More meaningful and irreplaceable though were the Scouts’ personal records of achievement and progression through the Scouts, that were also inexplicably taken.

Group scout leader Vincent McDonagh

Group scout leader Vincent McDonagh

“It’s really just very annoying that these scumbags can’t leave things alone,” the scout leader said.

Much of the equipment that was stolen had been purchased with money received through charitable donations. Mr McDonagh said:

“A lot of the money for the equipment came from fundraising done by the Scouts.”

The thieves had apparently cut through an exterior gate to the field before breaking the lock on the storage container door.

Unfortunately, since the break-in could have occurred at any time over the past two weeks and there’s no CCTV available, there are likely to be few clues to the identity of the culprits or their whereabouts.

Maids Moreton Scout Group was founded in 1910 and currently has approximately 65 members and 11 Scout leaders.

After hearing the news, Winslow Rotary made a donation of £250 to help replace the stolen equipment, and many of its members have also announced their intention to make personal donations.