Three Cups extend lead at the top


DARTS: In the Buckingham & Winslow League, two of the six matches which should have been played in Division One and Two were postponed.

Division One leaders Three Cups A have extended their lead at the top to 15 points after winning 9-0 over Great Horwood Cricket Club A. Cups have 79 points from eight wins of eight played.

Peacock of Towcester are still second on 64 points (seven wins from seven matches played) but have a game in hand as their match was postponed with the Blackbird.

Third-placed Swan A also did not play, so stay on 56 points (six wins from seven).Brackley FC won their fifth match of eight 5-4 over Three Cups B, who are second in Division Two with 37 points (three wins from eight). Brackley have 47 points in Division One.

Two Brewers B are top of Division Two with 52 points (six wins from seven ) but their match with Swan A was postponed.

White Hart A, who are at the foot of Division One with 45 points (four wins from eight ) won 8-1 away at Whale B, who have 18 points (one win from eight) in Division Two.

Phoenix have moved up to fourth in Division Two with 27 points (three wins from eight) after winning 5-4 away at Swan B, who are at the foot of Division Two with 15 points.

In Divisions Three & Four just one match was postponed, between Kings Head and George who are fifth and sixth in Division Four. Division Three leaders Cuckoos Nest played and won their eighth match 6-3 at Crown Twyford. Nest have 68 points, Crown have 34 points and are up to third in Division Four.

Buckingham Cricket Club moved to second place in Division Three on 56 points (six wins from eight) after winning 7-2 over Three Cups C, who are second in Division Four on 38 points.

Two Brewers A have dropped to third in Division Three on 55 points (seven wins from seven) as they had the bye this week.

White Hart B stay at the top of Division Four with 41 points (four wins from eight) after winning 5-4 over Mitre who are fourth in Division Three with 55 points (four wins from nine).

Great Horwood Cricket Club B are fourth in Division Four with 34 points (two wins from seven after winning 9-0 over Royal Oak who are at the foot of Division Four with just twopoints.

Green Man, fifth in Division Three with 41 points won 7-2 at Three Cups D, who are at the foot of Division Four with 38 points (two wins from eight).

The Trevor Stanton Challenge Shield K/O second round (16 teams ) is being played on Thursday January 5, along with one postponed match between Green Man and Royal Oak.