Tories comfortably hold south Northants

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THERE was early success for the Conservatives in south Northants as they retained control of the district council during the first round of results last Friday.

With 14 Tories already elected to South Northants Council due to the number of uncontested seats, the first eight results in the South Northants Council elections saw the Blues retain control.

Cosgrove and Grafton Ward count, incumbent Ian McCord (centre)

Cosgrove and Grafton Ward count, incumbent Ian McCord (centre)

They went on to gather an overwhelming majority and now hold 33 for the 42 SNC seats. The Independents will be the next biggest group on the council with six members while the Liberal Democrats had a small gain winning two seats on the council, while the Labour Party hold one seat.

Mary Clarke, the leader of SNC’s Conservative group thanked voters and added: “This is a very pleasing outcome right across the district, the Conservative Group has needed to take some challenging decisions, it is reassuring to know that these are supported by the vast majority of the electorate.”

Lib Dems Chris Lofts and Martin Johns won two of the three seats in Towcester Brook, the third retained by Tory Diana Dallyn.

Mr Johns said the biggest issue raised on doorsteps during his successful campaign was the proposed SNC move from Springfields to Moat Lane.

Local election count at Towcester Centre for Leisure

Local election count at Towcester Centre for Leisure

Mr Lofts said: “This shows that the Lib Dems have been more in touch with the local community and I think the local community is very annoyed their views have been totally ignored by the Conservative administration.”

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Number of votes secured in contested district council wards.

Astwell - Robin Digby (Cons) 700.

Brackley East - Blake Stimpson (Ind) 667; Peter Rawlinson (Cons) 568.

Brackley South - Caryl Billingham (Ind) 806; Paul Titchener (Ind) 462.

Brackley West - Chris Cartmell (Ind) 769; Kath Bonner-Dunham (Cons) 732.

Cosgrove and Grafton - Ian McCord (Cons) 548.

Grange Park - Mark Davidson (Cons) 697; Paul Farrow (Cons) 590.

Hackleton - Robert Atkinson (Cons) 810.

Harpole and Grange - Ann Addison (Cons) 1,156; Janet Eliot (Cons) 1,049.

Heyford and Bugbrooke - Philip Bignell (Cons) 1,043; David Harries (Ind) 886.

Kingthorn - Anthony Wilkinson (Cons) 457.

Little Brook - John Townsend (Cons) 667.

Old Stratford - Mary Clarke (Cons) 537.

Salcey - Thomas Wilson (Cons) 566.

Steane - Rebecca Breese (Cons) 665.

Tove - Sandra Barnes MBE (Cons) - 550.

Towcester Brook - Martin Johns (Lib Dem) 857; Diana Dallyn (Cons) 831; Chris Lofts (Lib Dem) 811.

Towcester Mill - Andrew Grant (Cons) 670; Andrew Wilby (Cons) 618.

Changes in uncontested wards where the incumbents did not stand for election.

Blakesley and Cote - Sandi Smallman (Cons); Roger Clarke (Cons).

Kings Sutton - Ian Morris (Cons).

Middleton Cheney - Judith Baxter (Cons); John Kilmister (Cons).

Washington - Peter Davies (Cons).