Tories retain control of South Northants Council

Local election count at Towcester Centre for Leisure
Local election count at Towcester Centre for Leisure
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WITH the absence of deviant artist Holly-Ann Battye and the continuation of the Tory status quo, the only excitement at the south Northants local election was a double Lib Dem win in Towcester.

Bucking the national trend Lib Dem town councillors Martin Johns and Chris Lofts successfully made the step up to South Northants (district) Council.

Returning officer Jean Morgan was initially nervous about the movements of the reporters expecting significant media interest in Cosgrove and Grafton candidate Holly-Ann Battye after she employed the services of publicist Max Clifford.

But neither Miss Battye or the media frenzy emerged and the Cosgrove seat was quietly retained by SNC cabinet member Ian McCord.

With 14 Tory seats uncontested the first round of eight results saw the blues retain control of SNC.

Mr McCord said: “Clearly the voters of South Northants are content with management and policy direction the Conservatives are taking.”

There were six wins for Independent candidates, all maintaining their seats.

Lib Dems Chris Lofts and Martin Johns won two of the three seats in Towcester Brook, the third retained by Tory Diana Dallyn.

Mr Johns said the biggest issue raised on doorsteps during his successful campaign was the proposed SNC move from Springfields to Moat Lane and the closure of the public toilet in Towcester town centre.

Diana Dallyn was quick to point out that the Tories had retained three of the five district council seats in Towcester and said: “The Tories retain control of the Towcester.

“I think the difference from 2007 is that there were three more serious candidates. There were no serious candidates other than the Conservatives last time.”

David Aaronson, SNC’s only Labour representative was uncontested in his Deanshanger ward but was at the count supporting three fellow Labour candidates, all unsuccessful.

Mr Aaronson said: “It is disappointing. There’s been a trend across the country. I suppose in my heart of hearts I wondered whether we could compete in an area that’s not naturally a Labour are. But I am still proud of all three of them for standing and making the commitment to and working hard to campaign.”

The 42 SNC wards are now split in to 33 Tories, six Independents, two Liberal Democrats and one Labour member.