Towcester resident meets his life saving 
ambulance crew

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A Towcester businessman has given up his right to patient confidentiality to thank ambulance paramedics who saved his life.

When Keith Brown’s heart rate began to escalate to an abnormally fast 240 beats per minute he was understandably terrified.

He was suddenly dizzy, experiencing pain in his chest and felt as if he would lose consciousness.

The 52-year-old, a partner in the business Jerry’s Rollerskating, dialled NHS Direct for advice, but the operator was so concerned about his symptoms they called for an ambulance.

When paramedics Danielle Neighbour and Emily Plant arrived they gave him medication to thin his blood and dilate his veins but recognised he needed further treatment and took Keith to Northampton General Hospital where he was given further drugs and closely monitored.

Keith is still waiting to find out what caused the problem and is now under the care of a hospital consultant.

On Thursday he met with Danielle and Emily and said: “I’ve never experienced anything like it before but it was very scary. I can’t thank the paramedics enough for just being so kind and caring and friendly. I’ve never had to be in an ambulance before and hopefully won’t again but the crew were so reassuring it really helped.”

Danielle, 32, said: “It’s always lovely when patients take the time to say thank you. We were pleased to help and hope Keith continues to make a good recovery.”

Crewmate Emily, 24, who only qualified as a paramedic last year, said: “We understand no one ever wants to be in an ambulance and work to make sure patients feel comfortable and reassured.”