Town gets ready to pass the baton

The WI Baton in Wicksteed Park,Kettering
The WI Baton in Wicksteed Park,Kettering

There will be singing and dancing in the Market Square next week, when the WI Baton comes through town.

Winslow is hosting the passing over of the Womens Institute Centenary Baton on behalf of the Bucks WI Federation on Thursday, April 23.

The baton arrives at Dorrington in an old fire engine

The baton arrives at Dorrington in an old fire engine

And a senior member of Maids Moreton WI will be performing a celebratory dance with a mystery guest in the Market Square.

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI)is marking its centenary this year.

And as part of the celebrations, the WI centenary baton is on a journey around the British Isles, being passed from one WI federationto another.

After setting out from Anglesey on New Year’s Day 2014, the baton has travelled all round the country on a circuitous route, with a view to concluding its journey at the NFWI annual meeting at the Royal Albert Hall in June.

The baton in Portsmouth

The baton in Portsmouth

On Wednesday, April 22, the baton will arrive at Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre, where the Bucks Federation of Women’s Institutes is holding its annual meeting.

At the end of the afternoon, a surprise guest will collect the baton and, with the help of Aylesbury Town WI, take it from the rear of the theatre on a canal barge belonging to Aylesbury Canal Society.

At 2pm on Thursday, the baton will arrive at Winslow Market Square in a vintage Morgan sports car.

The car will be carrying a mystery guest, who will dance with Maids Moreton WI member Vera Moyle-Maton, in the Market Square, which will be closed to traffic.

The dancing will be accompanied by singing from Maids Moreton WI.

Maids Moreton WI president Enid Coomber said the identity of the special guest was a mystery to her.

Mrs Coomber said: “We’re all in the dark so we’re all going to support Vera as best we can.

“When she told us about it a few months ago she was really thrilled.

“She’s going to enjoy it. She’s got an outfit made of red, white and blue.

“She’s amazing. She was 90 in January and she’s been very active all her life.

“She’s an inspiration to us all.”

Winslow WI will be providing tea and cakes in the St Laurence Room from 2pm, along with archive and craft displays.

The baton will leave Winslow on a vintage tractor at 4pm on its way to Great Horwood and Singleborough WI, before it continues its journey to Willen Lake, Milton Keynes, on Friday, April 24.