‘Town is crying out for parking’

Potential site for a multi-storey car park in Brackley. From the left,Jan Dean,Paul Stewart and Alan Smith.'120906M-B225
Potential site for a multi-storey car park in Brackley. From the left,Jan Dean,Paul Stewart and Alan Smith.'120906M-B225

A property owner in Brackley has revealed a £2million plan to create a multi-storey car park on land behind boarded-up shops in the town centre

Terry Goode, owner of 38 and 50 Market Place – the old bakery and the former wine merchants, which have remained empty for many years – says a lack of parking is killing the town.

He presented his plan to members of Brackley Means Business during a meeting at the Turweston Flight Centre on Tuesday evening, which was kicked off by a fly past and display by a Midget Mustang.

Mr Goode said: “Those two properties and the land behind them are identified in the Brackley Masterplan as being central to any redevelopment of Brackley Town Centre.”

Mr Goode said he had been complimented over the refurbishment of the old wine shop and said: “A lot of people have said it looks good, but the interesting thing is some of those people are seeing it for the first time four weeks after we took the scaffold down.

“When I asked why they said: ‘We can’t park in the town centre’, so they have been bypassing the town centre by going to Tesco or other towns.

“I had an on site meeting with a council official in January 2009 where he compared the ambition for that area to the area in Buckingham called Cornwalls Meadow where there is a parking area and a couple of walkways through to the high street, which seems to work very well.”

Mr Goode said the idea could be funded by the relocation of the Waitrose store which is suggested in the Brackley Masterplan.

He also suggested the plan may require a one way system along the length or part of Manor Lane, and that residents who lose on street parking could be given permits to use the new car park.

Alan Smith, manager director of Global Mapping, said: “As a governor of Brackley Junior School we would certainly support the idea of a one way system.”

BMB chairman Jan Dean said it could be a temporary solution which could be achieved cheaply and quickly, but if successful could be made permanent.

She added: “On the face of it I think it is a good idea. It will clear some of the town centre parking of workers parking there and retail units will become more desirable because there’s parking for customers.”

Councillor Rupert Fordham, SNC member for regeneration, said the Masterplan covers many potential uses for different sites throughout Brackley and added: “Suggestions relating to some of these sites have been put forward by Mr Goode, which we have taken on board and are currently considering.

“The council is beginning to test the validity of these proposals in relation to other potential plans for the town.

“We are now in the process of surveying and reviewing parking in Brackley, having already completed one set of surveys, and will be continuing to collect data through September.

“Individuals who have previously shown an interest in this subject within Brackley will be included in this work, along with representatives of Brackley Means Business.”