Town’s expansion plans on the agenda for May 9

Towcester Expansion Masterplan
Towcester Expansion Masterplan

A major decision which could double the size of Towcester is set to be made next week.

Four years ago Persimmon and Bloor Homes proposed up to 4,000 new homes to the south and west of the town.

The proposals also included an A5 relief road to take trunk road traffic out of the town centre.

But when the original plans were slammed by a government design consultant, and the credit crunch got into full swing, the plans were shelved. But next Thursday South Northants Council’s development committee will decide if they approve of a new outline plan including 2,750 new homes.

Committee member councillor Martin Johns said some might agree it will be the biggest decision in the history of the town.

He added: “Most people understand the principle of developing that part of Towcester has been accepted, and as part of the national and regional plans it’s just a fact of life.

“What is up for debate is whether what is being proposed in the outline plan is good enough to approve.”

Towcester Town Council has expressed concern about the nature and phasing of the £30 million relief road.

Nick Hastings of the town council said: “The new plan looks better because they have actually taken on board some of the things that the local councils and residents have been discussing, in that there is now a provision for a cemetery and Sponne School will stay where it is.

“But there is still concern about the relief road, which we felt should be a dualed bypass – but they did answer our concerns about building the road to match the progress of the house building.”