Town’s once in a life time celebration

MHBG - Brackley Town Hall.
MHBG - Brackley Town Hall.

BRACKLEY has started its preparations for a once in a life time opportunity to celebrate the 60 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

The only time the nation has celebrated a Royal Diamond Jubilee was in 1897 for Queen Victoria.

Last month Brackley Town Council formed a working party to generate ideas for a weekend of celebrations starting Saturday, June 2.

They are now appealing for people in the town to get involved by giving them ideas or by joining the working party.

Working party member Peter Rawlinson said: “One of the ideas is to decorate the town by putting up bunting down the high street. Another interesting idea was to commission some sort of sculpture that would be a lasting memorial to the celebrations which could go in Brackley park.

“We are also looking at all the planting the council does in the town which could have a red, white, and blue theme. Another idea was a classic car show of Elizabethan cars or cars from the Queen’s reign.”

Other ideas include a military parade, a street party along High Street, and giving primary school children a commemorative medal. The weekend will also coincide with the annual Soap Box Derby.

Mr Rawlinson added: “At the moment we’ve got plenty of ideas and it is really a case of working through them and seeing what is possible and what we can get funding for.

“It is a once in a life time celebration and it will be nice to bring the town together.”

Anyone who would like to join the working party or would like to submit an idea should write to Brackley Town Council, Town Hall, Brackley, NN13 7AB or email