Traders ask for help over town’s toilets

The public toilets on Moreton Road,Buckingham.'110511M-D479
The public toilets on Moreton Road,Buckingham.'110511M-D479
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A BUCKINGHAM town councillor is looking into public toilets, after town centre traders lobbied for action.

A delegation of traders attended last week’s interim town council meeting.

Spokesman Trisha Lightfoot from Flappers said there was no signage to the public toilets on Moreton Road and they “weren’t very fresh”.

She told the Advertiser: “I went in to have a look and they were pretty disgusting. When I went in there I took a wine bottle out. And when I pulled down the baby changing unit it was stuffed with dirty hand towels.”

And she added: “They’re not signposted. Nobody knows where they are.”

The Moreton Road toilets are owned and serviced by Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC).

Now Councillor Robin Stuchbury is asking Buckingham Town Council to look into providing new additional public toilets in the town centre within the next two years.

He told the Advertiser: “Providing additional toilets for Buckingham people is an aspiration the council has had for a long time.

“Some five or six years ago, we started talking about getting coaches into Buckingham. Now we’ve got people with the possibility to come, it makes toilets all the more important. Not to address this could handicap the town long term.

“I personally feel developers should be encouraged to contribute to it. We’re going to take a large chunk of development in Buckingham and this would be a service to the town centre that would be there for all time.

“If we don’t do this we could be in a position where new people move to the town and then choose not to shop in it.”

An AVDC spokesman said: “AVDC is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of its public toilets. A designated contractor carries out a daily cleaning schedule to maintain the toilets at an acceptable level of cleanliness.

“The council is planning to freshen up the Moreton Road toilets before the end of the year. Damaged signage will be replaced as part of the improvement work.

“Reports and complaints about public toilets should be made to the council on 01296 585235 or

“Requests for pedestrian signage should be submitted to the town council for consideration.”