Traders meet after gang of kids runs riot in Winslow

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Traders in Winslow were set to attend an emergency meeting yesterday evening, Thursday, after High Street shops were hit by a band of children running amok and intimidating staff last Friday.

Manager of the Florence Nightingale Hospice shop, Tina Thomson, said the youngsters, aged from about five to 10 years old, caused chaos running and climbing all over the shop, throwing shoes and toys about, moving the clothes rails, using bad language and stealing ornaments out of the window.

“It was quite frightening,” she said: “I was glad that I had a colleague with me.”

Jenna Tomlins, of Unique Pet Boutique, said: “They had their arms in the seeds and there were seeds everywhere. They had chips and the chips went flying everywhere.

“They were throwing dog toys and saying to me: ‘Go fetch, doggie doggie.’

“They were just horrible.”