Trading standards warning over dangers of stockpiling petrol

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BUCKS Trading Standards are advising people not to stockpile fuel supplies at home ahead of a possible fuel strike.

They say fuel storage on domestic properties should be kept to a minimum due to increased fire risks, and anyone considering storing fuel must make sure they obey the law.

Spokesman Terry Carter said: “We understand the short-term difficulties a petrol strike will cause people but public safety is our number one concern. We would strongly advise people to be sensible and not to take unnecessary risks with fuel.

“Anyone considering storing fuel in their garage or shed should make sure they are doing so safely and within the law.”

People can legally store a maximum of 20 litres of petrol in two appropriate 10-litre metal containers, or a maximum of 10 litres of fuel in two appropriate five-litre plastic containers.

Fuel should not be stored inside a home but should be stored in either a shed or a garage, well away from people and naked flames.