Traffic chaos in Buckingham provokes a halt to roadworks

Tingewick Road Development
Tingewick Road Development

Buckinghamshire County Council have changed their plans regarding the building of a new roundabout on the A421 bypass when initial construction was halted after causing gridlock on Monday.

Developers began work on the roundabout at Tingewick Road, which is a prerequisite to a 400 home development, at the start of the week.

However, it quickly became clear that the traffic plan was failing as members of the public took to social media to complain about the delays.

County Councillor Charlie Clare said:

“For all the right reasons the pressure was on to do work during the summer holidays. That pressure led to mistakes.”

After meeting with developers on Thursday morning, Mr Clare has confirmed that work will reconvene next week but with lights only being used for plant vehicle crossings and not during rush hour.

Next month, more disruptive work will be undertaken but Mr Clare has assured the public that there will not be a repeat of the chaos on Monday. He said:

“The plan is that by that point new sections of road will be in place. However, this will still be managed by lights and there will be traffic disruption but nothing like what was experienced on Monday.”

Buckingham town councillor Robin Stuchbury said:

“Evidently there wasn’t a great amount of due diligence. In my time as County Councillor I ensured there was full consultation with town and district councillors. I hope that example can be carried forward.”