Traffic cones placed to prevent parking on Station Road

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Motorists looking to stop on Station Road must now look elsewhere, after the county council restricted parking on the street.

Following a request from the University of Buckingham, the road, which has 15 on-street spaces, was coned off after a restriction came into force in July.

A spokesperson for the University said: “A lot of people in Buckingham expressed concern about the double parking in Station Road. Even though a range of people park there – some who visit University, some who are going to the Royal Latin School and some local residents – we have taken action to make it safer for all.

“Although we have had a lot of positive feedback about cones being placed on Station Road to make the road safer permanent measures are needed. Yellow lines will deter people from double parking and make the route safer for all.”

Speaking in support of the move, Cllr Stutchbury said:

“I think this shows an adult approach to the solution and we should thank the uni for that, especially as this issue has been going on for a number of years.”

Other residents, however, have expressed concerns. Rob Lehmann, former Mayor of Buckingham, said: “It’s ironic because, due to the parking restrictions, cars now travel faster up Station Road, maybe making it more hazardous.

“Those parking don’t just disappear - they have to seek alternatives in residential streets such as Chandos Road and Lenborough Road, making it more difficult for residents.”