53-year-old laid face down on railway line

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A 53-year-old man from Yardley Gobion killed himself by lying face down on the track in front of a moving train, a jury in concluded this week.

On Wednesday Northampton coroner Anne Pember reopened the inquest in to the death of Neil Paterson who had been sharing a home in School Lane with his fiancée Christine Parker. Mrs Pember explained that a jury is necessary when establishing the facts of any death on the railway.

The jury then heard how Mr Paterson left School Lane on August 11 last year following a disagreement with his fiancée and took accommodation at a bed breakfast in Daventry.

Two days later he travelled to Long Buckby Railway Station and laid down in front of the train and was killed at around 3.55pm.

Witness evidence showed Mr Paterson had acted alone and his GP confirmed a history of depression. The jury took 21 minutes to conclude Mr Paterson had killed himself.