‘A triumph for the local community’

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A MEETING last week over changes to Buckingham’s local bus services has been described as “a triumph for local people and community pressure”.

The meeting between community representatives and Bucks County Council took place last Friday, as a direct result of pressure brought to bear at a public meeting at Buckingham Community Centre on April 3, which was attended by more than 100 people.

District councillor Robin Stuchbury attended Friday’s meeting, along with John Bercow MP, town councillors, and representatives of Maids Moreton Parish Council, Access For All and the Aylesbury Vale Transport Users Group.

Proposals brought to the table included reinstating some journeys to Buckingham Hospital.

At the moment, the 32 bus no longer drives through the grounds at Milton Keynes Hospital, but drops people on Saxon Gate.

A service will be provided to Maids Moreton, using Section 106 funding from the new housing development on Moreton Road.

And Page Hill estate will have two round-trip bus journeys a day.

A public exhibition will be held next month at Buckingham Community Centre, followed by a further public meeting, with a view to implementing changes to the buses by July 21.

Mr Stuchbury told the Advertiser: “All our proposals were agreed at the meeting and will form part of a consultation with the public which should take place once the county council has agreed dates and times. There will be a public meeting afterwards.

“Only once the consultation and public meeting have taken place will we truly know if the improved services match public needs.”

BCC cabinet member for transportation, Peter Hardy, said: “The meeting was an excellent opportunity to listen to the concerns of Buckingham residents through their representatives. Transport for Bucks is committed to listening to residents when making important decisions, and the forthcoming exhibition and public meeting will offer a chance for further discussion of the proposals.”

Mr Stuchbury said: “It’s a triumph for local people and community pressure. My personal opinion is it was only through the weight of that public meeting and the residents turning out that managed to get public opinion recognised.

“After this big effort, it’s vitally important the public follow it up by being part of the consultation and attend the public meeting.”

> Details of the consultation will be announced in due course.