Commercial bus route withdrawn after weeks

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BUSES: An un-subsidised bus service between Oxford and Northampton, serving Brackley and Towcester, has been withdrawn after competition from a service supported by public finances.

Last week Tex Coaches withdrew the T3A following competition from the revamped Stagecoach 8, formerly the 88.

Tex director Graham Harris said the service had 30 passengers on the first day, but Stagecoach buses started arriving at stops before his buses.

He added: “Our drivers would get to a stop only to see a Stagecoach bus leaving with all the passengers. It will be interesting to see if Stagecoach can maintain that level of service without the competition from us.”

Mr Harris said the T2A Brackley to Banbury Express (incorporating the Brackley Buzzer) is doing well and without stopping in Middleton Cheney gave passengers a quicker option to the Stagecoach 500.