Crash which killed DLC worker was unavoidable

MHBG-02-02-12 Theodora Phillington
MHBG-02-02-12 Theodora Phillington

AN INQUEST has been held into the death of a Banbury teenager who died following a car crash on the A422 near Farthinghoe.

Theodora Phillington, who worked at DLC in Brackley, died aged 19, on August 23, 2011. An inquest into her death was held in Northampton Wednesday, February 1.

A medical expert revealed there was no sign of alcohol of drugs in Miss Phillington’s blood.

Witness described how she lost control of her black Renault Clio, clipping the near side kerb which span the car into the path of the on coming traffic, colliding with a red Jaguar. The passenger of the Jaguar, driven by Roy Fox, was left a fractured wrist and ribs and injuries to her foot.

Forensic collision investigator PC Clifford Wilkins said: “Theodora had lost control of the vehicle. It was completely out of her control and it was at that point when the vehicle pirouetted in front of the Jaguar.”

Recording a verdict of accidental death Coroner Anne Pember said it was a tragic and untimely death and added: “There was nothing that Mr Fox could have done to avoid this tragedy.”