Have you sent in your comments on HS2 yet?

A10 WEEK 30'MCBH'rd'High Speed Trains in Kent Blue Bell Hill Tunnell Portal, Boarly Farm approach to Boxley & Eyhorne Street
A10 WEEK 30'MCBH'rd'High Speed Trains in Kent Blue Bell Hill Tunnell Portal, Boarly Farm approach to Boxley & Eyhorne Street

TODAY, Friday is your last chance to get in your comments on the proposed HS2 scheme.

Over the past few weeks, individuals, organisations and councils across the region have been sending in their comments about the proposed high speed link between London and Birmingham, which will cut a swathe through the Advertiser and Review region.

Aylesbury Vale District Council and Bucks County Council have already sent in their responses, stating that although they were not opposed to the principle of high speed rail, the business case for the proposed scheme did not stack up.

AVDC also questioned the validity and accuracy of much of the data used by HS2 Ltd and Department for Transport and claims the consultation questions were biased.

Bucks County Council said it could not agree with the current proposals as the economic and environmental benefits were not ‘credible.’

Council leader Martin Tett said: “We do not believe they are in the best interests of the UK as a whole in terms of the benefits claimed in the business case.”

He added reasonable alternatives had not been investigated and the scheme was not in the national interest.

At a meeting of Buckingham Town Council on Monday, councillors agreed to send in their opposition to the scheme, saying the money which would be spent on HS2 would be better spent on improving other services or infrastructure.

Councillor Derrick Isham said: “What I object to is it being treated like it’s a done deal. Well, it’s not.

“Whether it personally runs past our front door or not we should support those who will have it run past their front door.”

South Northants Council and Northants County Council have also sent their opposition to the plans alongside Cherwell District Council.

In its 23-page submission, CDC said the business case wasn’t justified and there were cheaper alternatives.

Closer to home, it also said there was not enough information given on what would happen to existing structures on the proposed railway line near Newton Purcell.

It added: “A sizeable part of Newton Purcell is within the 500m examination zone of the line. The line is 3.5m above grade with a bridge over track plus power lines. This will necessitate considerable bridge and engineering works which will be intrusive on a small village which is very close.”

Campaign group, Stop HS2 is continuing its campaign through to the end. According to the group, transport secretary Philip Hammond is urging train drivers working for East Midlands Trains to get involved in the consultation, by posting a message in the employee only intranet.