Oxfordshire joins pressure group against HS2

Bucks County Council leader and chairman of 51m, Martin Tett
Bucks County Council leader and chairman of 51m, Martin Tett

THE leader of Bucks County Council has expressed delight that a 16th local authority has joined the anti-HS2 pressure group 51m.

Oxfordshire County Council is the latest to join forces with the group which is working collaboratively to oppose the government’s £32-billion high-speed rail project.

The name 51m represents what the group says every parliamentary constituency in the UK will have to pay to fund the scheme.

Leader of Bucks County Council and chairman of 51m, Martin Tett, said: “I’m delighted Oxfordshire has joined the growing ranks of local authorities who have reviewed, challenged and now oppose this immensely expensive scheme.

“This is a challenging time for this country economically and socially. To spend so much on a project where it is now generally accepted to have a very dubious business case, not be green and do little to heal the north/south divide is crazy. We should be investing in our road and rail infrastructure across the whole country to spread real prosperity. The addition of Oxfordshire will add extra real weight and influence to our message.”

And he added: “The fight goes on. The government’s public consultation has finished, but our campaign to expose this wasted expenditure is just beginning.

“We particularly urge people and businesses across the country to review the 51m consultation response at www.51m.co.uk and then write to your MP, local press and local council. This is not a ‘done deal’ no matter what the government may try to imply. We can definitely win this battle.”