University of Buckingham graduate offers discounted e-bikes to students

Mathias Wurtz set up his own company while studying for a Business Enterprise degree

Tuesday, 27th July 2021, 3:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th July 2021, 3:30 pm

A University of Buckingham graduate who set up his own successful company during his degree course has now made a deal with the uni to provide students with electric bikes at a bargain price.

Mathias Wurtz is offering University of Buckingham students a 10 per cent discount on his folding electric bikes, which he sources from China. At £550 before the student discount, his vehicles are 30 per cent cheaper than many other e-bikes.

Mathias started selling e-bikes and e-scooters two years ago and now has some household names, including Robert Dyas, Perfect House and Brighthouse, selling the foldable bikes, under the brand name Whirlwind.

Mathias Wurtz with medical student Frances Smalldridge and the e-bike

At Buckingham, students do two-year degrees and Mathias, 24, did a Business Enterprise course where he had to set up his own company during the course.

He set up a company selling bilingual books for children but, after realising that the bicycle business would be more profitable, went on to pursue that instead.

Mathias, who is from Milton Keynes, said: "My course at Buckingham provided me with all the building blocks I needed to run a successful business.

"It's great to be running my own profitable company and now it's time to give something back to the university.

Frances tries out the e-bike

"I'm proud to be able to offer bicycles at a discount price. Bikes are a must for many students but electric ones offer students the chance to travel so much further easily, or do short journeys fast, even if they are not superfit cyclists."

University of Buckingham medical student Frances Smalldridge, who tried out one of the electric bicycles on campus, said: "I'd definitely be interested in getting one. They are so easy to pedal and I'd much rather nip into town on an electric bike, rather than walk. It would save so much time for me."

Prof Nigel Adams, who was in charge of the University's Business Enterprise BBE undergraduate degree when Mathias did the programme, said: “I am thrilled that Mathias is working in partnership with the university to establish an e-bike scheme.

"He is one of our BSc Business Enterprise graduates, who had to start and run a real business as an integral part of his honours degree.

Mathias Wurtz

"I would also like to thank Mathias for giving something back to the university and to the current students.”

Mathias is now branching out into selling gym equipment, as more people are now setting up home gyms and he is working with Robert Dyas to sell the equipment.

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