Village fears bridge will be closed

Road closed at Twyford. 110208M-C
Road closed at Twyford. 110208M-C

THE village of Twyford could become cut off if its bridge is not repaired, according to its parish council chairman.

The bridge over the disused railway line on Steeple Claydon Road, in Twyford, has been officially closed to traffic since it was found to be in a dangerous condition last September.

And the parish council is worried no repairs will now be made because of possible blight from the HS2 high-speed rail plans, and the bridge may even be permanently closed to traffic.

Villagers wishing to travel north are supposed to make a 5km detour via Charndon. But parish council chairman Roger Landells said people are simply ignoring the restriction.

And he added: “The alternative road is cracking up. There is a bridge over the east-west rail line that has been acknowledged to be in not good condition.

“So Twyford could be cut off. We feel we’re under siege. We’ve got HS2, we’ve got the incinerator, we’ve got the potential maintenance depot, we’ve got East-West Rail, we’ve got no bridge, we’ve got awful roads, and we’ve got a county council that doesn’t seem to care about the north of the county.”

A Transport for Bucks (TfB) spokesman said: “There has been no decision to close the bridge. It has gone to cabinet members for a decision.

“The issue is not the bridge, it’s the bank, which is not our land. It comes down to, do we spend the money repairing a bank that is not ours, and risk not getting our money back?”

Concerned residents should contact cabinet member for transport Peter Hardy, at