Volunteer drivers needed for Winslow's Community Bus

As the service gets back up and running its regular trips, the service is desperately in need of more people to drive the bus

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 10:05 am
Updated Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 10:06 am

Winslow' s Community Bus service is desperately in need of more volunteer drivers to run its regular services, excursions and hires.

Following the lifting of lockdown restrictions, the Winslow & District Community Bus is now up and running again, but still with extra hygiene and distancing measures in place.

Bus co-ordinator Lynne King told the Advertiser the bus is subject to "religious cleaning" between trips. And while all 16 seats back on board, for safety reasons, double seats are still for single occupancy only, unless agreed in advance with the co-ordinator. Please call and reserve your seat in advance.

Winslow Community Bus

All passengers are asked to wear a face covering while travelling on the bus and to use the hand sanitiser provided on the bus, and passengers should not travel on the bus if they or any member of their household are displaying any signs of Covid..

The following services are now up and running:

Aylesbury Market Bus - every Friday and Saturday morning from Winslow, through Great Horwood, Nash, Whaddon, Mursley and Swanbourne, arriving in Aylesbury just after 10am and departing at 12.15pm. Bus passes accepted, otherwise £4.50 return.

Winslow Market Service - two services every Wednesday morning, picking up from local villages. Bus passes accepted, otherwise £3.00 return.

Buckingham Bus Service - first Tuesday of the month, picking up in Winslow and surrounding villages. An hour in town then an hour in Tesco, or two hours in Tesco. Door-to-door service. Bus passes accepted, otherwise £4.50 return.

Asda - last Monday of the month, picking up in Winslow and surrounding villages. Asda shopping with the option to be dropped at MK1 for M&S, Primark, Next and more. Bus passes are not accepted on this trip, £4.50 return.

Since coming out of lockdown, the Community Bus has been operating with a core of four hardworking volunteer drivers.

But to keep trips running, and hopefully start up its day trips again at some point, more volunteer drivers are needed.

Anyone who has some spare time and a D1 on their driving licence is asked to consider becoming a driver for their local Community Bus.

Drivers can do as much or as little as they like, certificated training to MIDAS standard is provided, and out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed.

For more information see www.winslowbus.com or call co-ordinator Lynne King on 07483 336440.