Tumble dryer fire tackled by neighbour

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Two elderly women escaped a house blaze after a quick-thinking neighbour used an extinguisher to tackle the fire.

The blaze broke out from a tumble dryer when the women had gone to bed and smoke quickly filled the ground floor of their home in Cherwell Bank, Lower Heyford.

But a man, in his 40s, heard the smoke alarm at 10pm last night from his home nearby so rushed over to put out the fire with a carbon dioxide extinguisher.

Three fire crews and an ambulance arrived on the scene shortly after.

Firefighters removed the tumble dryer from the utility area and used a high pressure fan to blow the smoke out of the home.

The two elderly women inhaled smoke and needed medical attention from paramedics but did not need to go to hospital.

Incident commander Graham Harding thanked the quick-thinking neighbour but warns families not to leave tumble dryers unattended.

He said: “Due to the prompt action taken by the neighbour when he heard the smoke alarms sounding and his subsequent attempts to safely tackle the fire, we were able to quickly resolve the incident and reduce further damage to the property by both fire and smoke.

“Everyone should ensure they have working smoke alarms in their homes and test them each week.

“I would also urge people not to leave heat-producing equipment, such as tumble dryers, unattended when they are just about to go to bed.”