TV Licensing warning to Oxon and Northants students

TV licence dodgers
TV licence dodgers

Figures released by TV Licensing have revealed more than 25,000 adults under the age of 25, including more than 100 in the area which includes Banbury, Bicester and Chipping Norton, and more than 350 in postcodes including Brackley, were caught watching live

TV without a TV Licence in the past year.

The figures have resulted in TV Licensing issuing a reminder to students that if they are caught watching live television without a licence they could face prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

Martin Dyan, of TV Licensing, said: “With nearly all students owning at least one device capable of showing live TV – such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet computer – they should know the law around being correctly licensed. If you’re watching live TV on any device, including mobiles and tablets, you need a licence.

“Students and young adults need to be aware of their legal responsibilities.”

“If students are worried about paying for a TV Licence, they should get in touch. We know some people struggle to pay, and there are many payment options available, from paying in one go to spreading the cost over the year.”

Students in shared houses need their own licence if they use a television in their room and have a separate tenancy agreement. Shared houses with joint tenancy agreements require only a single licence for the home.

Any student who is in any doubt about whether or not they need a licence should call 0300 790 6090, or visit