Two hundred people sign petition calling for Nash crossroads to be made safer

The Nash Brakes crossroads
The Nash Brakes crossroads

Two hundred people have signed a petition calling for a crossroads on the A421 to be made safer.

The crossroads is located on a rural road connecting the villages of Nash and Thornborough and also connects the A421 (Buckingham to Milton Keynes, at Singleborough) with Thornton.

The crossroads has a right of way along the Nash-Thornborough road, with traffic from the A421 and from Thornton required to give way.

Petitioners claim the last reported accident on this road involved a car from Nash heading towards Thornborough, with the car that had right of way being hit by another approaching from the A421, which should have given way.

The petition says: "This road is used by local drivers and by commuters as a rural cut through between the A422 and A421.

"It is popular with cyclists, joggers, horse riders and dog walkers.

"It is also the route of the primary and secondary school buses, parents taking children to Thornborough Infant School and taxis collecting children for special schools.

"Thankfully nobody was hurt, but petitioners claim the crossroads has been the location of a fatality and crashes and near misses are regular occurrences."

Petitioners requested the following changes to the crossroads:

> Change the Give Way from the A421 and Thornton to a mandatory stop.

> Give earlier notice of the need to stop.

> Deploy better signs that there is a crossroads, with more notice.

> Repaint the road markings and make it much clearer that there is a dangerous junction.

> Deploy rumble strips from all directions.

> Install a solar powered warning panel.

The e-petition ran for a month, and the majority of signatories were female.