Two-pronged attempt at planning permission

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The developer behind a proposed Sainsbury’s convenience store on the former Chandos cinema site, in Buckingham, has made a second planning application, and is going to appeal on the first.

The original application, dated December 28 2012, has still not been considered by planners at Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC).

The application attracted a number of letters of support from local residents, as well as letters of opposition.

Now property developer Buckingham Maine has made an appeal for ‘non-determination’, at the same time as making a second, almost identical planning application.

The company said it is eager to bring the development at Chandos Road forward, invest in Buckingham and create new jobs for local people.

Director Roger Ahmed said: “The determination deadline for our application was March 5 but unfortunately AVDC were not in a position to bring the matter before April’s committee.

“Therefore, in order to ensure a decision can be made one way or the other, we have made an appeal for ‘non-determination’.

“However, we have spent several months engaging and consulting with residents and local stakeholders and wanted to ensure that they still had a formal opportunity to comment and have an input in the application.

“For this reason, we felt it right and appropriate that we submit a duplicate application that can run in tandem and would still provide the opportunity, should AVDC desire, to get it before May’s committee and so that it can be discussed by members fully.

“Our aim throughout the process has been to work with the local community, to invest in the town, create jobs and provide a useful, small, neighbourhood convenience store for local residents.

“The support we have received has been very encouraging and is apparent from all the positive comments posted on AVDC’s Planning Portal.”

A petition supporting the application was signed by 27 residents of McKenzie Close.

It said: “A new local shop here will be ideal for us and will be s significant improvement on the eyesore that blights this part of London Road at present.”

The governing body of Grenville Combined School also wrote in support of the application.

They said the new building would make the approach to the school more attractive to parents and pupils and potentially help attract more pupils.

Buckingham Town Council opposed the application due to access and traffic concerns.

The original planning application number 13/00009/APP and comments can be viewedat