UK’s newest political party hold talk at the University of Buckingham

Renew hold an event at the University of Buckingham
Renew hold an event at the University of Buckingham

Renew, a political party which claims to be ‘a new UK party inspiring change’ hosted an event at the University of Buckingham on Monday May 21.

A Renew spokesman said: “We were invited to Buckingham by the university to speak to students and lecturers in a relaxed environment about the aims and history of Renew.

“We spoke about the need for a People’s Vote on the final EU deal where remain has to be on the table.

“We also spoke about how the Brexit negotiations were distracting the current parties, making them forget about their commitment to the constituents.

“As a party we believe that the grievances that lead to the referendum result are warranted, but that the EU has been made a scapegoat for the failures of previous governments.

“We want Renew to tackle the problems in our society that don’t grab the headlines but have a real effect on people’s lives.”

Party principles James Clarke (head of outreach) and James Torrance (head of strategy) attended the event at the university which coincided with the party’s visit to Milton Keynes.

As of April 2018, the party reportedly received more than 1000 applications from people around the country to be parliamentary candidates, and reportedly had a further 5000 volunteers and supporters.