UKIP candidate admits ousting MP is ‘big task’

Dave Fowler UKIP PPC, Buckingham. 080214M-B009
Dave Fowler UKIP PPC, Buckingham. 080214M-B009

The man selected by UKIP to drive out John Bercow as Buckingham MP has admitted he does not think he can.

David Fowler, who is a plumber and lifelong resident of Waddesdon, has been selected as the party’s candidate and will stand against the Speaker for the seat at next year’s general election.

At the last election in 2010, UKIP leader Nigel Farage contested the seat but the move is unusual because the main parties do not traditionally stand against the Speaker.

Mr Fowler, 58, has campaigned against Calvert incinerator, post office closures including Twyford and HS2.

But speaking to the Advertiser, Mr Fowler said: “I don’t think I can beat him (John Bercow), being realistic. It’s a big task.

“He got 23,000 votes last time with Nigel - who was always a very charismatic speaker - somewhere between eight and nine thousand.

“But it’s not going to be a waste, it certainly wasn’t a flippant decision. It’ll be full steam ahead and there’s lots of things we’re campaigning for which I hope we’ll rattle through as part of my campaign.”

Mr Fowler said he needs £25,000 for a ‘decent campaign’ after £40,000 was spent on Mr Farage’s unsuccessful contesting of the seat in 2010.

“We’re used to doing things on a shoe string,” Mr Fowler said. “But the Conservatives are very wealthy so we know we are up against it.

“We’re fairly confident we can run a good campaign.”