Unattended cars stolen

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VEHICLE CRIME: Motorist are being warned never to leave their vehicle unattended while de-icing after several were stolen during a single morning this week.

On Wednesday, December 12, four vehicles were stolen in the county as a result of people leaving them unattended with the engine running to defrost windows.

Ali Farr, Northants Police’s vehicle crime lead, said: “During the cold weather, motorists are advised to make sure their car is fully defrosted before starting any journey.

“However, motorists should never leave their vehicle unattended with the engine running to warm it up or defrost the windows.

“Most of these crimes are opportunistic and can be prevented. We urge members of the public to allow extra time to safely clear their windscreens in the morning and it is important that motorists stay with their vehicles while doing so.

“We also ask that motorists remove their ignition key and lock all doors when filling up with petrol or just popping into the shop.”

Further advice can be found on our website – northants.police.uk/crimeprevention.