Uni working hard to tackle student behaviour issue


THE University of Buckingham is taking measures to crack down on anti-social behaviour by students, as town centre residents complain the problem is getting worse.

Nick Robinson, who lives in Nelson Street, said: “It is really getting dreadful – the urinating against our wall, the vomiting in the street across the way, the constant noise from people walking to and from the university and places of entertainment.”

He said the uni should position security guards along the roads leading from the centre of town to the uni from 11pm to 4am,

Director of external affairs, Lucy Hodges, said the uni has done a lot to tackle the problem – but she stressed not all offenders turn out to be students.

Offending students who have been identified have received warnings and several have been fined.

Students are now asked to sign a new ‘code of conduct’ as part of their tenancy agreement.

The mayor spoke at the induction day for the new intake of students, and a daily email to all students reminds them to keep noise down in the town.

A new working group has been set up with AVDC, the town council and the police which will meet every month.

Security staff have been doubled from four to eight, and the uni is currently recruiting for the new post of community liaison assistant. One of that person’s first jobs will be to start up a newsletter to go to every home in the town centre.

But pro vice-chancellor Alistair Alcock said they would not put security guards on the street. “What we can’t do is become a vigilante group in the town,” he said.

“The patrolling of the streets is a matter for the police, not for us.”