University of Buckingham medical students win national prize

University of Buckingham Medical School students Riyah Jiwan (left) and Gina Sherpa
University of Buckingham Medical School students Riyah Jiwan (left) and Gina Sherpa

Two final year students from the University of Buckingham’s medical school have won the Royal Society of Medicine's poster prize.

Students Gina Sherpa and Riyah Jiwan’s winning poster showed off research information and a case presentation on a patient with a rare disease.

The poster was titled 'genetic sequelae of a thyroidectomy' - which translates as the consequence of having surgery to remove your thyroid gland.

The pair presented the case alongside University of Buckingham lecturer and Milton Keynes Hospital consultant Dr Asif Ali.

As part of the competition, students showcase oral presentations and posters and have the opportunity to share cases and experiences with other clinicians.

Winning medical school student Gina Sherpa said: “After all of the hard work put in by Riyah, myself and Dr Ali it felt amazing to win and was a huge shock.

“We couldn't have done it without the support and guidance of Dr Ali who has been such a brilliant mentor and teacher over the past few years.”

The two lucky students were awarded the prize just days before their final exams.

Dr Ali said: “The very first intake of medical students from the medical school winning a prestigious national prize is very important for us.

"It is a marker of the quality of both the students and the teaching they receive.

"I hope it gives all the students of University of Buckingham Medical School a sense of pride knowing that they went up there with the best in the country and won!”

The prizes were awarded at the National Clinical Cases meetings last month.