University welcomes its new chancellor

Lady Keswick
Lady Keswick

The University of Buckingham has a new chancellor.

The hon Lady Keswick succeeds Baron Tanlaw of Tanlawhill, who stepped down in March after two years.

Lady Keswick is a leading advocate of higher standards and independence in education, who has been a policy adviser to many government departments.

She was executive director of the Centre For Policy Studies think tank from 1995 and has been its deputy chairman since 2004.

Lady Keswick has contributed to, commissioned and published more than 100 public policy pamphlets, and has written for many national newspapers. She will be installed as chancellor at a ceremony in March.

Vice-chancellor Terence Kealey said: “The next few years will be a very challenging and exciting time for us and we are fortunate indeed to have someone as wise and experienced as Lady Keswick as ambassador for the university.”